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The power of sound is a thing!


The history surrounding the use of sound for healing purposes dates back to ancient times in places like Egypt and India. 


In this day in age, the practice has evolved and introduced the world to a very unique kind of healer, often referred to as “Sound Healers.” 


Sound baths have become very popular as well. I wish to host my own sound bath one day, who knows, maybe you’ll join me. But, first I have to grow my Singing Bowl collection, as I presently only own one. 


Wouldn’t it be wonderful to learn how to use the benefit of sound in your everyday life to help alleviate certain ailments like anxiety, stress, and even depression?



For trauma survivors, finding a place of peace and relaxation can prove to be a challenge because we are often in a heightened state; overanalyzing and overthinking almost everything.


I’ve been there; can you relate?


You may be facing anxiety, stress, and depression on a daily basis. 


I’ve been using sound healing for some time now and at the end of the article, I’ll be sure to share how it’s been working out for me personally. I do recommend you give it a try.


But for now, let’s get to the good stuff.


Table of Content:

  1. A brief explanation of what Brain Waves are and what a Frequency is (not trying to get all sciency with this but I want you to know the basics so that you can better appreciate the process when you try it). 
  2. How sound affects your overall quality of life. 
  3. How to strategically use sound to manifest serenity, success, and abundance. 
  4. Last but not least, what happened to me the first time I tried it, how my practice has evolved, and how I use it now.

So what are Brain Waves?


In plain English, it is your brain working on different frequencies. One neuron connects with another and does the tango or the running man, it all depends on what frequency it’s on. What the neurons in your brain do, unbeknownst to you, is amazing and neurons use sound to create memory.

Click here to read an article which explains the different brain waves clearly enough, where the average non-neuroscientist (meaning us) will be able to better understand the different waves.

When you listen to music you can quickly induce a feel-good state of mind; this is the frequency that the music is supplying to your brain. 

Frequency meaning a pattern, that when repeated in a particular order, will cause your conscious mind to fall into a trance- like state. 

The frequency that it’s creating along with the beat itself, is causing a chemical reaction in your brain. 


This magical effect can really amp up your visualization exercises, workouts, or just get you out of a bad mood instantly. 

I’m sure you can think of a song that puts you in a good mood when you hear it. 


Think about this concept on a more complex level.

Just the other day, I overheard a conversation that two individuals were having on the train, here in New York City. The guy’s accent took me to a certain place and time in my life. 

It was 2003 and I was in Ponce, Puerto Rico; my beautiful native Island. An Island where everybody I spoke to had the same native accent.

Just the sound of this person’s accent made me feel fuzzy inside. It took me to such a good mental space. I vividly remembered my beautiful experience in Puerto Rico. The trip down memory lane happened to me on autopilot when I heard his Puerto Rican accent.


Has this ever happened to you? 

The sound of a mother’s voice can calm a crying baby, her humming may put them right to sleep.

The sound of church bells may cause you to think of your spirituality.

The sound of a loud bang can cause you to react impulsively; jump, duck, or even run.

The sound of the Mister Softee Ice Cream Truck can remind you of a summer day in NYC.


On a precise level, sound has been proven to provide synchronicity in mood and movement; conformity in thought and perception.

It’s deep stuff!

Neuroscientist and author R. Douglas Fields has conducted several studies on the human brain when certain stimuli (sound) is activated. Check out this very interesting article that further states the discoveries being made about perception in induced rhythmic brain waves. 


Here are 3 Ways To Use The Power of Sound 


1. Invest in a Singing Bowl

The sound and vibration that emanates from the Singing Bowl has grown popular and is helping heal and condition much of our immune system, amongst many other healing properties.

These sound bowls have been used for centuries in different cultures and very popular in the Himalayas. 

With all of the modern day studies surrounding sound and brain waves, it’s clear to see why they’ve worked in such a big way for such a long time.

You can begin to incorporate a sound bowl (or two , or three) to your meditation practice and allow the vibration to help alleviate tension caused from stress, anxiety, and much more.

As an added plus, there are very attractive and beautiful bowls on the market. They will add a beautiful kick of color and class to your meditation area.


2. Download some Binaural Beats and use them during meditation or visualization exercises.

The phenomenon of Binaural Beats in the practice of psychology is really taking Brain Waves and the progression of mental health by storm. I couldn’t wait to share this with you.

These beats are readily available for free on youtube.

You can use them for all purposes. Search for them while keeping a specific goal in mind. 


For example, you may enter ‘binaural beats for forgiveness’ or “…for ‘creativity,’ and so on.

You should begin listening to them right before bed, and I highly recommend it as this is the part of your day when your mind enters into an alpha state almost effortlessly. Alpha states allow for information to enter the deep depths of your subconscious, where all of our deep rooted beliefs and habits live.

Added bonus: You have to sleep sometime, so no need to schedule these sessions, just simply do it right before bed (whatever time that may be).

If you can manage to stay awake and meditate for at least 30 minutes before drifting off, then you will have begun a process of change that will begin to manifest itself in your reality in no time.

Shoot for 10 minutes minimum, and feel free to drift off while it’s still going. Your subconscious mind is always working, even while you sleep.


3. Download feel-good music; do it strategically!

Make sure that your personal playlist is a powerhouse. 

Every once in a while, you may listen to the occasional love song, but let’s be honest, most of them have a certain melancholy surrounding them. 

Whether or not you decide to tune into that frequency, understand that your brain will do so automatically.


For example, who reading this loves “My Heart Will Go On” by Celine Dion? Right.

I don’t know about you, but it instantly reminds me of the movie “Titanic.” It instantly brings me to an emotional state of sadness or longing. It doesn’t mean that I’m sad, obviously, it’s just a song, but either way, considering what these studies prove, I am emanating a vibration. 

Your conscious state of mind has entered a wave that is sending a signal to the subconscious mind; your subconscious mind doesn’t know that it’s just a song.


Another example of this is watching a movie and not being aware of the soundtrack in the background. When a suspenseful scene is about to happen, the music intensifies and so does your brain. You become more attentive and excitement brews as you await what will happen.

I always loved this about watching novelas on univision with my mother, they take suspense to the next level. It’s what hooks you unconsciously!

Music can change your mood in a matter of seconds. 

It is used as a motivational tool all of the time. 

Most people who exercise regularly listen to motivational tunes. 

For a more Zen kind of work out like Pilates, or Yoga, soothing music or nature sounds are used to invoke a trans-like state of mind. 

Use this to your advantage and remain aware of your vibration by creating a powerhouse playlist. 

When you’re feeling low, pop your headphones in, or blast those speakers, and let the music change the trajectory of your manifestations.

It’s that simple. I challenge you to go and revamp your entire music playlist now.


My First Binaural Encounter!


Now, I’d like to share what happened to me the first time that I tried meditating while listening to binaural beats 4 years ago. It’s kind of funny when I think back, but it was so real and an absolute revealing moment in my life!

I had just put my daughter to sleep and her father worked the night shift, so I thought to myself, this is the perfect time to try this new “brain wave” thing I’ve been reading so much about.

I put my headphones in and searched on youtube for Binaural Beats, but I did not SPECIFY what kind.


If only I could remember the exact video I stumbled upon, I would’ve definitely shared it with you, but I don’t. What I do remember is that the video emphasized that the binaural beat itself, would help balance my chakras and help activate my “third eye.”

I was a beginner at the time balancing my chakras and working with Healing Crystals. 

I laid flat on my back, placed my sodalite between both of my eyes, slightly above my brows, inserted my headphones, and pressed play.

(Sodalite is a healing crystal that promotes calmness, deepened intuition, and emotional balance, amongst other wonderful things. If you are interested, Click here to view my very first Healing Crystal Set, I’ve since built a pretty lucrative collection of healing crystals. I absolutely love them!)


I remember thinking, “this is going to be awesome, I can’t wait to feel more intuitive and enlightened.”

Literally, about 4 minutes into the meditation, I felt spooked! 

I’m almost positive that I had an outer body experience. 

I felt very light, as if I were floating on my bed, and then I felt a presence in the room. Yes, a presence, as if someone else was in the room with me (not anything evil or anything, just a presence).

Right before I opened my eyes, I removed the headphones and for that exact moment, I felt as if I were in a dream.

Until this day, I arguably tell myself that I drifted off to sleep in that short span of time in some form of hypnotic state, and was possibly moving into a full fledged lucid dream (alpha state).


However, I jumped out of whatever state of mind I was invoking and within seconds I was fully aware and in full control again. Thinking back, it could have been a very beautiful experience, but I clearly wasn’t ready for it.

I conducted extensive research and began to practice using binaural beats again. Fast forward 3 years later, and I’m able to perform self-hypnosis while meditating using my crystals and beats, without feeling fearful. It’s amazing.


What I suggest you do is search for what you need intently, and begin to use binaural beats gradually. Start off with a frequency of about 417HZ, then work your way up from there. 

That’s exactly what I did and now I feel amazing in more ways than one.

Also, use one technique at a time. Don’t try a mantra, or incorporate a programmed healing crystal (like I did), while listening to binaural beats, or anything like that for the beginning stages. 


So, that pretty much wraps up this Brainwave 101 Class people! 


I really hope you enjoyed that, because I sure got a kick out of writing it for you!


Share your thoughts in the comment section.


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Overall, remember that happiness is the true path to success, not the other way around.


I truly do appreciate you!