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Meditation for Beginners

You don’t need to attend a yoga class, or take a meditation course, or have all the time in the world to begin practicing meditation.

I say these things because those are the main reasons why you may have not started meditating regularly, and I know this because I used these excuses myself in the past. 


Furthermore, you don’t have to be a pro at silencing your thoughts to reap the benefits of meditation either.

It took me a while to learn how to meditate on my own and it took me longer to know what to do with the train of thoughts that would interfere with what was supposed to be a moment of “emptiness.” This is by far the number one reason you may begin and then stop, “I can’t silence my thoughts.” The thing is, you don’t have to.

I personally began with guided meditations, and then I transitioned into meditating on my own. The next step was self hypnosis after I entered a hypnotic trance by mistake once (that’s another days post). Now I’m able to meditate and enter a hypnotic trance on cue.


My goal is to get you to see how you can add meditation to your day and LET IT BE EASY, so that you can start reaping all of the benefits.



Your subconscious mind will not allow your practice of meditation to flourish if you complicate it. 


The Easiest way to start your meditation practice in the comfort of your home


Pick a time of day where you can wine down effortlessly and perform a guided Body Scanning Mindfulness Meditation Session.


The reason why this is the best way to begin a meditation practice for complete beginners:

TIME, it is our one true tool when it comes to starting a meditation practice.

It is also what we think we don’t have, time, that will keep you from starting.

Here are the 3 best times out of your day to practice your meditation as a beginner.

  1. In the shower or bath
  2. Right before bed
  3. Right after waking up in the morning

We all must shower at some point, and this is the most privacy you will have all day. The bathroom is our only one true moment of privacy. Think about this for a second, it’s true.


I began my forgiveness rituals in the shower and allowed bitterness/ negativity to go down the drain as I showered. I also practiced my mindfulness meditation in a hot bath, as I laid in epsom salt and took 20 minutes to tune out, visualizing my future self down to a T. 


You can begin to meditate with this available time that you have in the shower or bath.



Before and after sleep is a golden opportunity to meditate as well.

We all must sleep at some time (and if you suffer from insomnia, this may help you sleep soundly). Dedicate the last or the first 15 minutes of your day to listen to a guided body scan meditation. 

Not only is it effortless because you are already getting comfortable and ready to rest, but your body is entering an alpha state of relaxation right before drifting off to sleep.

As far as meditating in the morning is concerned, before you step a foot out of bed, you are transitioning from a theta brain wave state during sleep. You can follow a guided body scan meditation then, as well. Just make sure you set an alarm for 15 minutes later, in case you drift back off to sleep.


My personal Meditation Journey and how I know this stuff works

I began when I was working the night shifts in 2015. The building I was in was vacant through the night and there would be no interuptions, so I took advantage and during my meal break I would practice meditation. 

My work ethics wouldn’t allow me to practice while I was technically on the clock, and this had everything to do with what I call “The Laws of Entitlement,” which I live by. 

I could not silence my thoughts to actually have a successful session, so I went on to youtube and searched for guided meditations. It worked like magic. 

Long and behold, I landed on what is called body scanning meditation, which is why I advise that you begin with this kind of guided meditation too. You will be guided to go into your body in the present moment. 

The guide will continue to walk you through and if you bring your focus to the directions given by the guide and do what they ask, then you will hardly drift off to miscellaneous thoughts. 


When I tried to transition from meditating on my lunch break to actually doing it at home, it was difficult. I was distracted and I had to ask myself what was the difference between meditation at work during break and at home?

Turns out, it is truly essential to make the time for meditation, but to feel like you are going out of your way to create the time will discourage you from starting your practice.

I did it at work effortlessly because I had to take a break anyway, I was entitled to my hour break.


So, I translated that into my home life. What do I do at home ANYWAY that would allow me to meditate at the same time.

What was I going to do anyway, that I could take advantage of to meditate as well?

  1. Showers and baths
  2. Right before bed
  3. Right before getting out of bed in the AM

These are 3 universal things that we will all do everyday! BINGO! 

I haven’t stopped since. I find time to meditate all throughout my day now, and I have perfected how to do it without a guide.

My practice has become quite prestigious now, as I have incorporated Crystal Healing, oils, candles, colors, and many other therapeutic tools to my practice. I LOVE IT! 

Meditation is a part of my lifestyle now, and you can make it part of yours too. Just begin with this simple way to begin and you will grow from there, guaranteed.


If you found this information helpful, I would love it if you shared it with others who may be on their own healing journey but are finding it a bit overwhelming or unnecessarily to find time to meditate.


Thanks for stopping by and until next time…

I truly do appreciate you.