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What are the differences between self hypnosis and meditation?


Both hypnosis and meditation are amazing tools to strengthen the brain, immune system, and your overall mood.


There is a thin line between the purpose of both due to the fact that they both take you into a relaxed state of mind, where you can access the higher, more enlightened self.


Today, I will explain to you the differences between the two, and why they are both extremely important for your overall health, especially if you experience symptoms like anxiousness, fatigue, indecisiveness, guilt, self blame etc.


In true Attitude On Ten fashion, we will allow the learning of these two modalities to BE EASY, so here it is in easy to digest language. 

Feel free to comment and start a conversation with me if you don’t fully understand the difference even after reading this information. I’d be more than happy, and willing to explain it further.


What is the main purpose of Meditation?

Meditation focuses on breath work, conscious mind control, and mindfulness.

Bringing you into your body and creating a heightened sense of awareness is the main goal of meditation.

Meditation is PRESENT based, strengthening your conscious self.

The practice of meditation is extremely powerful for calming anxiety and rampant negative thoughts and emotions, as it brings you back to the here and now.



What is the main purpose of Hypnosis?

Hypnosis focuses on trance induction in order to grasp habitual habits, behavior, and hard to get to thoughts and emotions that are underneath the surface of your waking reality.

Hypnosis is PAST and FUTURE based, strengthening your unconscious and subconscious self.

The practice of hypnosis is extremely powerful for changing harmful and self destructive behavior, distortions of the mind’s perception, and unveiling unconscious processes in your waking life.

Those are the main differences between both modalities in a nutshell.


You should practice both, and the changes you will see in your life will be absolutely amazing.

 I hope this post helped you clarify the difference of the two, thanks for stopping by.


Until we meet again…

I truly do appreciate you.