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There’s a thin line between the unconscious and subconscious mind that may cause some confusion.

However, they are two completely different things, and they both play a major role in accessing deep rooted beliefs and thought patterns that you experience in your life today.


When you better understand what the differences are and how you can access them, you can begin to alter your reality and find answers to why you live the way that you do.

In true Attitude On Ten fashion, we will keep this information super easy to digest and straight to the point. 

Let’s dive in.


What is the subconscious mind?


The subconscious mind is like a production factory, and as you collect information whether consciously or unconsciously through your senses, environment, influence, and experiences, they are all stored in the factory of your subconscious mind. 


Your subconscious factory then creates tools with this information as it runs through the machinery inside the factory, which is your brain itself. Every single bit of information is stored here, then the tools produce a default product (connections in your brain/ neural pathways.) 


The product consists of all the information you have taken in, whether intentionally or not. 


For example, a fear of clowns is fabricated in the subconscious factory. As an adult, you may know for sure that a clown at a 5 year olds birthday party is there for entertainment, but you are petrified of the clown. 

Chances are that somewhere in your subconscious factory, there is a memory, a moment in time, a spec of information, an entire production lying dormant that validates the fact (to you anyway), that clowns are terrifying.

Your subconscious mind has the answer, and it may just be a terror brought up early on from watching scary movies as a child, who knows. But since your subconscious is a production mechanism, it just produces the feeling that will guide your behavior based on the enormous amount of information it receives. PERIOD. 

It does not discriminate against any bit of information, and it is working around the clock, even in your sleep.



What is the unconscious mind?

The unconscious mind consists of knowing, without you having to give it any thought. 

The unconscious mind is your autopilot center. It is very hard to take the auto off and drive it manually, because it is great at what it does.

For example, what’s 1+1?

I’m sure you thought two, without any conscious effort. You carry the ability to add 1+1 in your unconscious mind. You don’t necessarily remember your very first math problem in school do you? Neither do you walk around ready to do some addition. You weren’t even thinking about math until I asked, but you can add on cue. 

You can dress yourself, walk, and breathe without giving it a second thought. It just happens, and these are all actions that are stored in the unconscious.

The unconscious part of your mind keeps things going in a way where you can continue to process information and store what you need to store on autopilot, unconsciously, like driving. Then, it just pops up when deemed necessary. It can also obscure things, like hurtful experiences etc. to protect you and keep you from doing certain things in life.

When you feel a moment of intuition, or what we call dejavu, it very well comes from your unconscious mind. It is communicating something to you. 

You can learn to tap into both your subconscious and unconscious mind. Start by becoming aware of them like you are now.


I hope this post helped you understand the difference between the subconscious and unconscious mind.

Isn’t it fascinating?

Until next time…

I truly do appreciate you.