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My Energy and Mental Health…

wasn’t something that I had a grip on for a very long time. As a matter of fact, I was once extremely depressed, ashamed, and lived my life in a state of constant guilt. I was very high functioning as you may be as well. I went to work everyday, smiled, and managed to help others, but behind closed doors I suffered in silence, until the effects of my deteriorating mental health started to show up in my reality.

I beat myself up about not being able to control my thoughts, my feelings, the sadness, and the emptiness that came with it. I had habits I couldn’t seem to shake. I would make changes for a short period of time then bam! Back to square one. I could not make the changes stick.

Soon after, I hardly left the house. Being depressed became my lifestyle. “There’s seriously something wrong with me,” I thought, and I prayed endlessly for relief. I didn’t want to feel “broken” anymore. 

What made things worse, was that I didn’t “see” anything wrong with me on the outside. Good physical health, family, some friends, I mean “things can be worse” right? So, why was I so sad? Why did I procrastinate? Why wasn’t I following my dreams? Why couldn’t I complete my goals? I clearly knew what I wanted, but it felt like the odds were against me.

You may be asking yourself these same questions, and you may even feel guilty about it because to everyone around you, you’re doing quite well. You can’t seem to pinpoint what the problem truly is. Trust me, I know. I’ve been there; fighting a mental battle that you can’t seem to get to the root of.

When I started doing the Deep Impact Mind Work, and applying the D.R.I.L.L Cycles that I teach inside the 8 Week Transformational Coaching Program, everything began to change and my life has never been the same, IN A GREAT WAY.

I now know who Neisha D. Feliciano really is…

“Happiness is the true path to success, not the other way around.”

After becoming certified as a Crystal Healer, Aromatherapist, Reiki levels 1 & 2, NLP, and rigorous training in Trauma and Resilience through the Arizona Trauma Institute, I learned amazing models and methods for transformation that I must share with you. 

I then went on to become a Certified Master Life Coach. Listed on The American Natural Wellness Coaches Board as a Board Certified Transformation Coach, and recognized as an expert in my field. 

This is coming from a girl that was so lost and in pain for so long; confused and utterly bitter with the world.

If I could turn it all around, then I know you can too.

I want you to know that I hold a huge space for you in my mind and heart; I KNOW WHAT YOU’RE CAPABLE OF! Remember that…

Read on, because I share some pretty intimate things about how Attitude On Ten got started. It is important to me that you know, everything you will learn on here comes from a real place.


How Attitude On Ten Got Started:

I hit a real slump in my life. To everybody on the outside looking in, I was fine. But, the truth was that I wasn’t.

My attitude toward life was at an all time low. I didn’t feel like my life mattered, and while all of my needs were met, I lived in constant fear of losing it all. It was almost as if I would be “figured out” somehow, and someone would finally call me out and say “you’re not as strong as you seem, you’re weak and pretending.”

All along, it was my own perception of STRENGTH that was keeping me so small. It was a very long time before I discovered this truth. I was in every way, a product of the environment that I was living in.


For what seemed like an eternity, I mingled with the wrong people, started the wrong romantic relationships that dragged my self esteem through the mud. I self medicated with street drugs to numb the discomfort.

This behavior started when I was 12 years old (yup, 12)… I did not have an average attachment with either one of my parents. My father was shot and killed when I was 7, nor was he present beforehand. My mother was spread thin raising 5 children all on her own, she became depressed, hustling as best she could to raise us.

Soon I was isolated and avoiding people altogether, living with resentment, guilt, and plain anger. Anxiety was choking me every chance it got, and I was attracting very unattractive experiences. Before I was of legal age, I’d been through anger management, arrested several times, raped, and addicted to drugs.

I was drowning in plain sight. 

In order to cope I would compare my life to others and tell myself “it could be worse.” I convinced myself that I had to suck it up and just go with it. 

When I was old enough to know that the path I was on was going to land me in jail for a very long time or worse, dead, I began to search for emotional and mental relief. I stumbling upon the Law of Attraction. The aha moment was grand; WOW it’s all in the way that I think! All I have to do is visualize and expect things to get better and I can actually manifest all these things!

Like anyone would in a desperate call for help, I was willing to try anything. So I went to work with the law of attraction. The boards, the affirmations, the people I surrounded myself with, you name it, I did it. I attracted an manifested many wonderful things, but the high was short lived.



Got my degree, an important career as a Substance Abuse Intake Counselor, new car, beautiful apartment, and my relationships were good for the most part. The whole time I felt like a total imposter, and I kept on battling destructive habits that kept creeping back in.

Picture this…I was facilitating intake, meetings, orientation, the whole nine, encouraging participants to stay clean and live their best lives, then I’d clock out, and drive home to a bottle and a few pills, feeling sad and lost in bed at night even though I had all the things. What!? Something was wrong on a deeper level.

(I can imagine my ex colleagues reading this now, wondering how I covered this up so well. But, that’s the thing, I wasn’t okay under the surface.)

I decided to go to therapy as an adult, but I never told the whole truth. When have you ever told the whole truth during a therapy session? Let’s be honest here…

<span>Photo by <a href="">Ben Blennerhassett</a> on <a href="">Unsplash</a></span>

We can only be completely and utterly honest with ourselves. Nobody will ever fully know what you go through internally, behind closed doors, but you. Our ATTITUDE does show for it though. 

Slowly, things began to fall apart again. I started sabotaging my relationships, not finding joy in my work, losing interest in social gatherings, or in things that I once enjoyed. Crying late at night when nobody was watching.

I was doing all the things and while I continued to work with LOA, I knew there was a deeper meaning to it all. The Law of Attraction could only do so much. I had to go deeper.


It was all “on the surface work” and I had barely touched up on what was truly the matter.


Two years after I birthed my beautiful daughter Mylie, is when I had a moment of TRUE and DEEPLY impactful reflection. (Meaning I lived all the way up until that point, having these moments of unexplained sadness, anxiety, and sporadic overall emptiness.)


One day I became extremely irritated and my attitude was so nasty toward her (had a yelling rant.) I realized it right away. Her little eyes weld up in tears as she looked up at me in confusion, and I felt horrible. She was two for God’s sake, what was I thinking, she didn’t know any better.

My emotions were running so high, and I regretted my reaction in that instant, so I cuddled her and apologized. But, when I left to work that day, I cried about it in secrecy (this is actually the first time I’m publicly admitting this.)

I truly questioned who I was in that moment of impulsivity. Truth was I didn’t have the answer, but I knew I didn’t want to be “that” person.


That night I began an Attitude Journal. Every day I tracked my Attitude, and what contributed to it, whether it be negative or positive. I became my own lab rat and now my own prominent case study for the Deep Impact Mind Work 8 Week Transformational Coaching Program. 

ATTITUDE ON TEN was founded with the daily attempt to keep my Attitude On Ten. I discovered who I truly was and why I lived the way I did, why I had the habits that I had, and I knew I had to change them.

When all else failed…Prayer became my go to…and the relief that I felt when I prayed told me the Lord had to be real. What is this energy I feel?

One day, I went into a complete trance state, while in prayer. I could feel my entire energy lifted, and it was out of this world!


When I experienced my very first trance, and spiritual shift, I knew that things would never be the same for me. The breakthrough has been extraordinary.

The shift encouraged me to research energy, and I tried to find answers for what I’d just experience. Furthering my knowledge of the mind and behavior, I incorporated Crystal Healing and Hypnosis, along with unwavering faith and belief in the most highest.



Attitude on Ten is the product of self discovery, and it was created to assist other high performing and genuine people, who may be battling with unconscious trauma do the same.

Do not beat yourself up any longer and begin your journey to enlightenment, discover who you truly are so that you no longer live in fear and constant self doubt.

That was the missing piece; it is through a higher understanding of what is going on inside of your mind, body, and soul that you can bring about true change. You can be the highest performing individual in your circle, doing all the LOA work out there, but lose your real self in the process if you aren’t careful. 

Attitude on Ten focuses on energy work, removing blocks and addressing triggers that you may be facing in life without even knowing it. A combination of intuitive consciousness and tapping into the unconscious mind is liberating for your soul.

Happiness is the true path to success, not the other way around. The human body and mind is far more complex than you think and my goal is to help you discover it through Trauma Informed Transformational Coaching Services and Energy Work.

 So let me ask you…

On a scale from 1-10, how positive do you feel your attitude is about how you are choosing to live your life right now? 10 being the most positive.

Every morning, ask yourself this question, write the answer down, and perform a quick self analysis. 

Attitude on Ten’s goal is to get you to answer that question with a constant 10!

Welcome to your no judgement zone, online home away from home. I look forward to scaling your Attitude, all the way to a TEN!

(Disclaimer: If you are currently under the primary care of a mental health professional, does not condone that you stop receiving professional clinical attention. Please read full disclaimer and consult with your doctor before you begin any new form of treatment.)