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Bitter to Better: Breaking Chains is the first product/ book that I recommend. Not only because I wrote it, but because when you begin your energy work it is very important that you cleanse yourself of bitterness trapped in the body from old traumas.

Through life experiences, we learn to store information in our DNA and it shows up, manifested into our reality. In Bitter to Better: Breaking Chains, I share how I overcame some very trying times in my life. I share some very effective rituals and exercises that anyone can apply to begin moving in a new direction, while welcoming the abundant energy that is rightly yours. You can CLICK HERE to check it out. Get ready to transcend.

If you’re wondering how to begin creating a Sacred Space in your home, I’ve got you covered. At the bottom of this page, I’ve created a list of products that you can use to begin creating that place of Zen. Best part, you can begin to create your Sacred Space under $100. It’s about creating beautiful  energy, and that can be simple. Remember to let it be easy an do what feels natural.

You will find all of the Sacred Place merchandise that I have personally bought online through the years. I created this shopping section by popular demand and I can vouch for every single product. 

I encourage you to create a Sacred Place in your home where you can go and practice your Crystal Healing and Energy Work. If you follow my teachings, then you know how important your Sacred Space is. Your Sacred Place is also your Safe Space to be completely and utterly yourself. Making sure that you cleanse and fill your Sacred Place with your definition of beauty is very important. 


Here are some Sacred Place Tips and Tricks: 

Choose an area that is not so easily accessible to family and friends who come over. You must consciously guard the energy in your Sacred Place.

If you can find a corner in your bedroom then that would be perfect for creating energy bubbles around your sleeping area. Works wonders for bedtime Meditation, Hypnosis Sessions, and Crystal Healing Sessions where you may want to lay down and have your sacred tools nearby.

You can place a photo of a person, place, or a thing, that makes you feel at peace and in high vibration with love at your Sacred Place. Many religions place a picture of their God somewhere in their Sacred Place (their alter etc.), same concept. I have a picture of my beautiful daughter. I know that my vibration is at its highest when I think of my love for her. You can also heal others from a distance and use their photo to amplify your intention during your energy work. 

Clean your Sacred Space often, remove all items and clean it up. Working with sage, holywood, candles, oils, etc. will make for a weekly upkeep. I advise you also cleanse your crystals during this process, especially if you use them often like I do. (Read- How Often Should I Cleanse My Crystals: Crystal Day)


KEEP IT SIMPLE and let your practice BE EASY!

Remember that the more Sacred Place merchandise you buy, the more cleansing you’ll have to do.

The concern is not so much the miscellaneous products like the mats, candles, and oils, but the Crystals themselves. When they are programmed they can withstand more time without cleansing, even though I advise a re-cleanse and re-program at regular intervals to maximize manifestation results.

The thing is that crystals pick up on energy PERIOD, so they must be maintained to keep balance. Keep your collection simple and sweet.

I’m all for signature pieces and a large collection, but be ready to give them the attention they need and schedule a Crystal Day at least once a month. 


If you can purchase your Sacred Place merchandise in person, then I highly recommend that you do. I created this shop page because I can literally vouch for these products, but I buy most of my Sacred Place merchandise from my local Botanica. I am able to walk in and feel my products out. From oils, to crystals, to candles, and amulettes, it is a great experience to feel your way to your healing and energy work products.

Don’t get me wrong, you can and will make the online products your own as well, but I must admit there were a few crystals I couldn’t bond with. That is expected with some crystals, especially when you shop online. 


That is it for the quick tips… have fun and make your Sacred Space your own.


Disclaimer: The products listed are from Amazon and I am an affiliate. This means that when you make a purchase, I make a small commission. You are not charged anything extra for this, and again these are products I myself have purchased and recommend.  Thanks for using my link to purchase. It helps support the movement. YOU ROCK!



Sacred Space Must Haves:

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Singing Bowl for Beginners- Click Here 
Yoga Mat- Click Here
Meditation Cushion- Click Here
Abalone Shell and Sage Bundle- Click Here
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Chakra Balancing Crystal Set for Beginners- Click Here
Essential Oils Starters Set for Beginners- Click Here
Selenite Charging Plate – Click Here
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Sending you loving vibes. Continue to create space for your shifts in growth and prosperity. You are a winner. Keep your Attitude On Ten!