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“Happiness is the true path to success, not the other way around.”

(This is not Law of Attraction work, we go beyond that! Manifest the life you want, backed by science, the real way!)

Crystal Healer & Transformational Mindset Coach

Welcome to the place where Crystal Healing and Transformation is made simple!

Hey there ALPHA QUEEN! I see you! doing all the things, holding down the fort, managing your career, paying the bills, carrying the children, caring for the family, juggling the friends- being the wo(man) with all the energy that an ALPHA QUEEN can possibly have.

I also know that shit is draining! You experience chronic stress, sleepless nights, frustrating thoughts, and little to no  support when it comes to your wants, and needs. After you have forced a smile, said your affirmations, and create some changes for a short period of time, you feel as if you’re back at square one.

Maybe you’re feeling trapped in old ways and want to feel alive with purpose instead, but you find that no matter how hard you try, you slip right back to the same old patterns. There is a reason for this QUEEN!

Let’s put stop to it, starting here today. 

It’s time you put yourself first! Realize that you did not end up here by accident. You reading this right now, is a synchronicity darling! You are being called to stand up and make a change. Do you feel the pull from Source, that feeling in your gut, the wanting that keeps you up at night because you know that there has to be more out there for you? That’s because THERE IS! 

Attitude On Ten was created with you in mind. For all of those emotional Highs and Lows that you experience behind closed doors, there is a solution, and a science, and most importantly- you are not alone.  Join any, or ALL of the trainings available to you throughout this page so that you can BEGIN YOUR ASCENSION into your God given right to fullness.

ATT-10  will not only MOTIVATE you, but EDUCATE you- on how to live your life authentically, with true acceptance inside and out. That is when life truly begins, and your inherent gifts begin to flourish effortlessly.

It’s time that you soar into your divine right to greatness, Queen. Welcome to where it all begins.

The D.I.M. Work Masterclass is the ultimate introduction to “The Inner Alchemist” that science proves you to be. If you have been trying to use the Law of Attraction and have been met with resistance because you also battle with feelings of depression or anxiety, then the D.I.M. Work Masterclass is for you.

You will learn how to start attracting and building the relationships, income, and health that you truly desire, by becoming aware of what is keeping it from coming into your stratosphere to begin with.

Learn about your supreme abilities, and how you can LEVEL UP into a life where you no longer need to hide how you truly feel.

Begin to bring the beauty that you have to offer the world, from behind closed doors, to the limelight.

Take a real life dive into “Euphoric Traction,” by learning the secrets behind Crystal Healing. This training is hands on and focuses on the actual energy work. Let your higher self feel the lifting that comes with tapping into the higher realm of possibilities, as you become one with source and allow your inherent gifts to guide you.

An  experience filled with so much love, light, and transcendence, is sure to leave you feeling brand new, honey. If you are truly ready to manifest on another level, than this training is for you!

In this training, I will introduce you to your energy body, several different Crystals that you can start using to begin Chakra balancing today, and bonus introductions to other modalities.

You will also receive “The Subconscious Unveiling” guide, to use while performing your very first Crystal Healing session.


Too many strong individuals, like yourself, may be suffering alone through some Mental Health barriers behind closed doors. Feeling trapped in the “Boomerang Effect” of life, trying to create changes in the existing routine but ending right back up at square one.

Once you learn to unravel the harmful thoughts and attitude patterns that are keeping you from growing as a person, you will begin to create a life you love. First you must fully understand the science of what is truly going on. Then you must tap into your inherent power to create change through ENERGY WORK and SPACE. 

IT’s a Science and an art…


We can all smile and put up a wonderful front on the outside, but truly feel as if we are losing our way from the inside-out. Suppression leads to anxiety, stress, and even depression if left unaided.

Seeking help for these debilitating mental blocks is almost unheard of nowadays.

My approach to healing souls and spreading happiness is to cut through the embarrassment and the stigma associated with mental health by offering you the opportunity to work on your self development in a deeply impactful way (with no judgement once or ever, from the comfort of your own home.)

Through The Deep Impact Mind Work Method, and FREE trainings offered at Attitude On Ten, we enforce the amazing power that vulnerability and honest self-awareness can bring into your life. By combining cognitive behavioral techniques and psychodynamic tools in a creative, open, and holistic way, the benefits bring light to lasting change. 

We specialize in Crystal Healing, intertwined with several other Energy Work modalities that have a proven history of transforming lives, you will begin to see real changes in no time.  

You have so much light and love within you, but you must realize it for yourself before you can share it with the world.

Attitude On Ten is here to help you realize that!